Auf Hochleistungs-CAD/CAM-Arbeitsplätzen mit modernster Software, konstruieren qualifizierte und ständig geschulte Mitarbeiter, Umformwerkzeuge jegliche Art. Hier werden Werkzeugkonzepte erarbeitet und unter Berücksichtigung einer vorherigen Machbarkeitsanalyse in die Tat umgesetzt.


To meet the constantly growing demands in shaping, and of the material to be shaped, and also for the planning of drawing units, sheet expansion and material thinning, cracks and creases, board dimensions, as well as the planning of material use, the tool geometry needs to meet certain requirements. We can already simulate this in advance by means of software. The knowledge gained in this way ensures the feasibility of the formed part and the tool.


Example of a forming simulation

forming simulation

Simulation of the material behaviour

Simulation of the material behaviour